Easter Cupcakes

Easter Offers

With Easter just around the corner here are a few things I whipped up for the holiday.

Easter Bouquets.

Chocolate bouquet

Easter Bouquets are a lovely alternative to the traditional Easter egg. In this Bouquet you have a number of different packets of our nations much loved chocolates!

These are then attached to a wooden skewer and neatly placed into a beautiful bouquet box, finished off with coloured tissue paper and bow. Eater Bouquets are designed for both boys and girls!

Easter Special Price £15

Easter Cupcakes

Easter bunny cupcakes

That’s not all, I’ve also been busy making boxes of cupcakes. This Easter I decided to keep things simple but effective. I have made some little bunny ears and placed them into the buttercream on the cupcake, this gives the effect of a bunny popping up though the cupcake.

I have then used a greetings impresser and impressed a little Easter Greetings message into a disc of marshmallow flavoured sugar disc. Yum.