Smash Cakes

Smash CakeSmash cakes are a new upcoming trend, which involves lots of cake, buttercream and a very messy one year old. It’s hard to imagine how a cake covered infant could produce such a beautiful photo! Right? However, they actually do, and what better way to celebrate your first birthday than being face first in cake. Here is how a cake smash works:

The Smash cake is made using a light fluffy sponge recipe, and smothered in butter heavy buttercream. It is then given to your child who is dressed in a pair of panties and a traditional party hat, sitting in front of a camera ready photographer. You then step aside and let the infant do what they do best, get messy. The messier the better in this case. The photographer will capture the infant in action and produce a number of memorable photos for you.

Don’t forget to book in your photographer before ordering your smash cake.

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