Christening Cakes, Baptism and Holy Communion Cakes

Christening CakesChristening cakes are very special. You are celebrating one of the most important days with your child, and nothing tops that celebration off better than with a cake. Have a beautiful Christening as a centrepiece to your venue or home is a great way to hold the attention of your guests, while cutting the cake it also gives you the perfect time to say a few words.

If you are looking for a Christening cake, Baptism cake, Holy Communion cake, naming day or even a fancy cake for your baby shower then look no further. Here at Diamond Cakes we provide bespoke cakes for all occasions.

There are many different designs for these types of cakes, if you have a cake design in mind that needs coming to life then please let us know on booking and we will produce the perfect cake for your celebration.

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